My High Heel Sneakers Story

High my name is Babbette . I'm Martins Wife. I've had a love for high heel sneakers most of my life. I think they are fun, fashionable, sporty, cool and can be somewhat sexy with what you're wearing.

I always had people ask me where I got my cool shoes and I said I've got them on my feet .... lol. Jokes aside every-single-time I go out in my HHS people asked me where I got them as they really loved them and wanted a pair.

So for years I've said to my hubby I wanted to have my own line of great styled affordable, high-quality HH Sneakers and now the dream has come to fruition. I will be featuring some amazing styles for you to buy from our cool online shop and you'll be soon stepping in style. Stay tuned for more designs. Thanks for stopping by.